Friday, April 9, 2010

I Heart Creative People

I have recently become very motivated because of my wonderful friends and family. With their imput and support I've been able to totally expand on Hemphelpers. I'm now listing a few samples of my recent creations, so I have more than just really sweet hemp necklaces with roach clips. And I'll be continuing to try my hand at more creative outlets!

In fact this whole HempHelpers idea wouldn't have happened with out the help of my friends. My best pal started it all. She was the first to interduce me to hempworking. We bounce ideas off eachother and colloaborated to make hemp jewelry and accessories to take to summer festivals. In no time we were working great together and poppin out some bad ass stuff. Six months later, we enjoyed ourselves at an amazing music festival and had great success with our hemp stuff. We didn't make a lot of money, but we didn't care. People loved our work, it was a hit.Soon after that I opened my shop on etsy, I couldn't figure out a great name, until my neighbor, who it the best around, came up with the perfect name, HempHelpers! I loved it and it stuck.

I've had pretty great success on Etsy s far, I've been inspired by so many of the other artists on there. Now I'm dabbling in many art forms. In fact today I spent the day with my girlfriend tye dyeing clothes to start selling too. When we wash them I'll be sure to give yall a sneak peak!

Unfortunaltey I haven't been able to put up everything I've made so far, but luckily I have my very first craft show next weekend :)
Click here for more info!
It's in Cadillac MI, I'm totally pumped for it!
Oh and If you are in the Big Rapids area, the annual Mock Beauty/Drag Show is next wednesday, I'll be there too selling some spunky rainbow hemp gear. I'll be donating 60% of the profits to the group too, so come out and support them for a great cause!

Oh I finally got rechargable batteries so next update I'll be able to give you guys a peak at some of my new stuff!!
That's all for now!

Peace Love & Clips!