Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Beads!

So I've been waiting for the right time to purchase some new sweet focal beads and I finally decided to do it!

Since I've become addicted to etsy, I figured what better place to go to grab some new supplies.

Do you want to see what I found,
of course you do, I knew it...

So from saylesjodi I got these: 12 super sweet mushroom focals

From Glassville I got a few really cool focals

And finally from primalglassworks I got these

Sweet Right? I thought so. And if you think so, you should check out all the shops. Let the artist know you like their work or buy something for yourself.

I can't wait to make these into awesome looking necklaces!
Don't worry I'll let you know how they turn out!

Peace Love and Clips

EDIT: So I totally forgot one set, This is what happens when you rush right!

so here it is, from youarenotthebossofme
I like them, they look like plants.... ;)
Peace and Love!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look A Plug

I've decided on my second shop plug!

The Gleeful Peacock

She makes really cute jewelry like these

and this

She's also having a sale and a giveaway
You can check out her shop or her blog for more information.

So go have a look, i'm sure you'll find something awesome

Peace Love and Clips

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deal for the Decade

I'm having a January Sale in my etsy shop!

I thought I adverstied it here already, but it turns out I didn't. Sorry readers!

So here's the deal

For the entire month of January,
If you buy and necklace you can get any clipchain 50% off!
plus no extra shipping costs.

Necklaces and clipchains must be purchased at the same time,
the sale doesn't include keychains, branklets, or art. sorry,

I have dozens of clipchains and necklaces available, so go take a look and see if you can't find something that suits your fancy!

 (these are just a few examples of the clipchains available)

Peace Love and Clips!
more later

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need A Little Help From My Friends!

Hey Guys!

Sorry it's been a minute since my last update. I just started back up at school, so things have been a little hectic.
With that said, this should be a short entry!

So my birthday is coming up in a week and a half, and I've decided to give my customers a little present! Well not so much a present, but more so a sweet discount. My only problem is, I don't have a clue what to offer.

Right now I have a buy a necklace get a clipchain 50% off, and that goes through the rest of this month.
I'm thinking maybe for just the weekend of my birthday offering a percentage off the total order, like 23% (because that'll be my new age), or maybe just 50% off total order, or maybe 23$ off an order that totals 50$ or more. I'm just not sure, so I'm going to poll the audience :)

only...I don't know how to post a poll (can you tell I'm new at blogging lol!)

So I guess we will have to do this the old fashion way and post your opinion in a comment!
Or if you have facebook, you can check out my fan page and write your opinion in the discussion!
(here is the direct link to that discussion for your convenience Click Me! )

Oh and one last thing,
if you think you have a better idea for an offer, let me know! I love suggestions!
Your choices again are:
23% off any order
50% off any order
or $23 off any order of $50 or more

Thanks for your input!
Peace Love and Clips!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shameless Plug!!

So in addition to plugging my own store, periodically I'm going to surprise you with some of my favorite shops and items. I totally support small busniess, and besides there are some bombass things to be found on etsy.

The first shop I've decided to share to you is a special one.
It was just made yesterday, so it has some small construction going on . But it's sure to be a gem once it's up and running on both feet.

There is only one piece of art up at the moment, but give it some time, soon you'll get to see more and more of the collection!
[and it's a good collection, I'm doin' the artist, so I get to a sneak peak at her work :) ]


Here is a picture of the work she has listed, but you'll have to head to her shop if you want more details on her art!!

Thanks for checking it out!

Peace Love and Clips!
 or as she writes
Peace Love and Owls

Oh and for future reference, everyone i plug I'll add to my <3's list in that column over there for easy access!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Who says I can't be productive??

Whew what a productive last few days,

After a nice little holiday Heather and I made our way back home Saturday, and since then it's been busy busy.
Luckily most of it has been spent on craft time

Let's see what I have to share this time...

A little while back, enjoying a relaxing evening with some roommates, I came up with the sweetest idea (well I think so anyway)...Let me set the scene

It was either really late or really early, the music was flowing just right, the lights were dim, and the incense was burning. There was a slight draft, good ole campus apartments, causing the incense smoke to dance. Then the idea hit me, moving incense burner!

Brilliant right??
I still think so...

After months of dead ends (I'm not so keen with engineering and electrical things..so i tried my best to find someone who did), I turned to my dad. Within in like two months we had a prototype that I feel confident pretty confident about.
Over the last few days I spent some time making a few adjustments, but I'm pleased with it's look :)

It's sweet because not only does the incense rotate around, but get this, it sits in a glass bead I lampworked.

Oh, but wait there's more
*note: it sounds better if you read that in one of those cheesy infomercial voices...

It totally has room to stash things, like your lighter...
Got to love multifunctional things.

Sweet idea right?

I'm pretty pumped about it. Within the month I hope to have a few available at my etsy shop! So be sure to check it out, I may even have some different colors and designs available!

That's all I have for you today,
Time to light the incense and space out with the girl and the tv

Peace Love and Clips!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hello, Welcome to the OFFICIAL HempHelpers Blog!

Let me start by telling you a little history about HempHelpers

A few years ago I was introduced to the fabulous material, hemp.
I would look for cool jewelery made out of hemp, but my searches always fell flat. There were tons of really cool things made, but nothing that really reached me.
That was until I bought my first ball of hemp.
My best friend taught me how to make my own hemp necklace. I fell in love

January 2009, I made my very first hemp necklace and started my next big adventure.
Over the first few months, I would just make necklaces for friends. But it wasn't before too long that I decided I wanted to take my creations to music festivals and craft shows.

July 2009, At this point I have made over 100 necklaces, branklets, keychains, all with my special twist. My friends and I have decided to take the collection to Rothbury, the real test. I braced myself, being a newbie at selling my craft I didn't know what to expect. I was afraid that nobody would like my stuff, or that there would be hundreds of others selling hemp jewelery like mine. But I was excited too, boy was I excited.

After a crazy 4 days, I managed to sell or trade 40 items. Which was awesome, but not even the best part. The best part was that no other seller (that I found) had the same twist on their hemp crafts like I did, and everyone that checked out my stuff totally dug it.

A few weeks later I heard about etsy, started making my shop, and became hooked. Etsy is one of the most wonderful sites on the web, I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already!

January 2010 It's been almost a year since my very first hemp neckace, and boy has time flown. My etsy shop is still a wee baby, but she's growing. And I'm learning new things about crafting everyday.
It's a new year and a new decade, perfect time to start living it up!

So that's how it all started. Now for the real fun to begin....but you'll have to wait til the next post!

Peace Love and Clips