Monday, March 15, 2010

Antique Gold Mine

I've had quite the spring break this year.
The weather has been beautiful, the break from school was great, the time alone with H was wonderful, and I got to go antiquing.

I haven't been able to just puruse around an antique store in years, but last week I got to go to 2 great shops with 2 of my favorite ladies.

One of the shops we went to was called "Treasures" and boy did I find some good treasures there.
My favorite purchase was this nifty spice rack. It had cute little doors and two drawers, and 12 glass bottles.
(I'll update this post later with some pics, once I get some batteries for the camera.)
UPDATE, I've got pictures!

I'm super pumped about the glass bottles, they each have great airtight seals and are made out of simple clear glass. Exactly what I need for my next set of products for the shop, decorated storage jars. Perfect for keeping things stored and fresh!

In fact, I'm about to head off to find some inspiration and start creating. Be sure to check out the shop over the next week or two to see the designs!
Peace Love & Clips!

And one more picture for spring time!

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