Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Batch of New Pictures

I managed to find a pair of batteries for Heather's camera, yay. So I took some pictures, though I only got a few of my new necklaces before the batteries died. I think I'm going to invest in rechargable batteries to tide me over for now.

If you are already my fan on facebook, you've probably already seen some of these pictures, I'm sorry!

You can expect to find some of these already on etsy for purchase, and the rest will be put up periodically through out the week!

I actually just sold the rasta one with the peace sign (the second picture, top row), so hopefully I can use that money for those rechargeable battery sets.

That's all for now, Dante's on, so you know what that means..
Goodnight yall!
Peace Love and Clips

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